Morphy Richards Accents One Cup 43930 Review

Morphy-Richards-Accents-One-Cup-43930The Morphy Richards Accents One Cup 43930 is a useful little gadget for people who often make a quick cup of tea by themselves, but won’t suit those who are hoping for a device that can hold a good amount of water. This one cup kettle is a smaller product than the other hot cup dispensers on the market, so it’s best for those who like to just make one drink at a time.

Rating: 3.75

Price: ££

Key Points

  • boils water in 30 seconds
  • built for single use: holds only 150-300 ml at a time
  • lightweight, compact design
  • water produces isn’t piping hot but will suit most people
  • reviewers have occasionally noted issues with leaking, and the smell and taste of the water.
  • somewhat high maintenance: requires frequent de-scaling

Super Fast Speeds

This one cup kettle is seriously speedy: it can make you a mug of boiling hot water in as little as 30 seconds, so it’s perfect for people hoping to get a cup of coffee in a hurry. However, it has its limitations. The built in water jug only holds 150-300ml of water at a time, so this is definitely a one cup kettle for single use. There’s no denying that the Morphy Richards Accents One Cup will save you some money on your electricity bills. It uses just the energy needed to speedily heat up a cup, rather than wasting time and electricity boiling a whole kettle at once for just one person. This way, you can get fresh water each time you want to enjoy a hot drink.

Convenience and Design

One highlight of the Morphy Richards Accent One Cup 43930 is its convenience and simplicity. The device itself is small and neat. It will hardly take up any space on your counter top, helping you to reduce clutter and clear space. All you have to do is pour a cup of water into the dispenser, switch it on and within 30 seconds you’ll be ready to drink. The Morphy Richards Accents One Cup 43930 is also easy to clean, and its lightweight, compact design will make it ideal for elderly or disabled people who struggle with heavier, more cumbersome kettles.

The Morphy Richards Accents One Cup 43930 is certainly easy on the eye. It comes in a fun, bright red colour that makes for a fresh and modern look, and is also available in black for those who prefer something a little more subtle. The product also comes with a two year warrantee, so you’re guaranteed to get your hot cup dispenser repaired or replaced if something happens to go wrong.

What’s Wrong With It?

There are some downsides to the Morphy Richards Accents One Cup 43930. The first is its obvious limitations in terms of its size: this isn’t the product for people who want to be able to make tea for a group of people or fill their pot for cooking. However this should be obvious at purchase and wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The product also has quite a short lead, which can be an annoyance if your outlet is in an inconvenient spot in your kitchen.

Some Annoying Flaws

The water dispensed by the device also isn’t piping hot, so if you prefer your coffee very hot you’ll be disappointed, but it should suit most people’s tastes. There have also been some complaints of leaking from this product. This isn’t a common occurrence but could definitely put people off making this purchase instead of going for a larger, sturdier one cup kettle. The two year warrantee should serve as some comfort, though, as any leakage issues can be repaired or replaced at no additional cost.

Taste Issues

Occasionally, the Morphy Richards Accents One Cup 43930 has been known to have some issues with smell and taste. The Inside of the product can have an odd sort of chemical taste that can then seep into your tea. This won’t do you any harm but it’s not ideal for an enjoyable drink. If you experience this, it can help to clean the One Cup with baking soda to give it a fresher smell and taste.

The Morphy Richards Accents One Cup 43930 also requires frequent de-scaling, which may irritate some customers. Due to the small size of the product, de-scaling isn’t a huge process but it can be a hassle and may make you long for your more low maintenance kettle. This is an issue for many of the one cup kettle products on the market, but seems to be more of a problem with the Morphy Richards Accents One Cup.

Should You Buy It?

This certainly isn’t a perfect product, it has its shortcomings, but for those hoping to find a convenient and highly portable one cup kettle, it could be a good choice. The Morphy Richards Accents One Cup 43930 also comes with a very reasonable price tag, making it far cheaper than some of the other hot cup kettles available at the moment, especially if it’s only going to be used by one person. For the savings you’ll see in your energy bills, it could be a worthwhile investment, but be sure to shop around if you’re concerned about maintenance or if the 150-300ml limit doesn’t appeal.


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